Graduate Program Environmental Sciences

Environmental Microbiology Option

Coordinator: Donna Fennell

Core Required Courses (12 Credits)
All students must complete the Environmental Sciences core.

Option Required Courses (3 credits)* All students must complete the following course:
16:375:510 Environmental Microbiology (Spring every)

Option Elective Courses. All M.S. students must complete 11 credits and Ph.D. students 14 credits from the following list.** Other courses may be substituted with advisor and option coordinator approval.
16:375:512 Pollution Microbiology Lab (2)
16:375:529 Biodegradation and Bioremediation (3)
16:375:531 Biological Waste Treatment (3)
16:375:563 Geomicrobiology (3)
16:375:573 Soil Ecosystem Processes (3)
16:682:572 Microbial Ecology (3)
11:680:492 Microbial Ecology Lab (2)
11:375:453 Soil Ecology (3)

Other Recommended Courses
16:682:501 Microbial Life (3)
16:765:533 Advanced Mycology (3)
11:126:486 Analytical Methods in Microbiology (3)

*This course fulfills the Biological Systems Core course requirement.
**Elective courses are in addition to those taken to fulfill the Environmental Sciences Core.

  1. Rutgers
  2. DES Administration
  3. School of Environmental and Biological Sciences