Useful tips concerning our new phones

  1. 5-digit Campus dialing:
    Campus numbers on the new system can be dialed using the last 5 digits.
    For example, my 10-digit phone number is 848-932-5760, and I can be dialed
    from the new phone system by dialing 25760
  2. Off campus dialing starts with 81:
    To dial an off campus phone (or a Rutgers phone not in the new system)
    dial 8 1 and the 10-digit phone number.
    For example 8-1-848-932-5760
  3. Infomation pamphlet:
    A pamphlet was left with each new phone with useful information.
    I scanned it and put it on our website here
  4. Voicemail: A default voicemail passcode is in the pamphlet. I suggest setting up
    voicemail as soon as possible given that everyone has the same default.
    If you need to reset your passcode, you would go to this webpage:
    to open a ticket.
  5. Phone features like call transfer and conference calls
    can be found here: