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Environmental Science Graduate Program
Environmental Toxicology Option Curriculum

This Option represents a joint Ph.D. program between the Environmental Sciences and Toxicology Graduate Programs. Environmental Toxicology requires a grasp of both the biological principles underlying individual effects and of how these effects are manifested at the ecosystem level. Students must develop understanding in both basic and applied environmental science in order to be able to effectively address the complex issues of Environmental Toxicology. This Option prepares individuals to play a major role in ecological risk assessment and to carry out mechanistically based research.

Because this is a joint program, in addition to the Environmental Sciences core, students must also take the Toxicology Program's core courses.

16:115:511,512 Molecular Biology & Biochemistry I, II (3,3)
16:963:501,502 General Toxicology I, II (4,4)
16:963:601,602 Seminar in Toxicology (1,1) (only 2 seminar credits, total)
16:963:603 Advanced Problems in Toxicology (4)
01:960:401 Basic Statistics for Research (3)

Additional coursework, for a course total of at least 42 credits, must be taken from the Environmental Sciences or other Graduate Programs, in consultation with the student's faculty advisor. Suggested courses include the following.

16:375:503 Analytical Techniques in Environmental Chemistry (3)
16:375:507 Environmental Chemistry (3)
16:375:509 Groundwater Pollution (3)
16:375:519 Wetland Ecology (3)
16:375:520 Techniques for Biomonitoring in Aquatic Ecosystems (3)
16:375:526 Limnology of Urban and Suburban Waters (3)
16:375:530 Hazardous Waste Management (3)
16:375:541 Environmental Models (3)
16:963:504 General Toxicology Laboratory (2)
16:963:505 Biochemical Toxicology (3)
16:963:631 Toxicological Pathology (3)
26:120:551 Biology of Pollution (3) (Biology Department, Rutgers Newark)

11:375:310 Analytical Environmental Chemistry Lab (2)
11:375:407 Environmental Toxicology (3)