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Name Title Phone Email category
Arnesen, Keith
M.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Extension Meteorologist
848-932-5780 Faculty
Both, A.J.
Ph.D., Cornell University
Associate Extension Specialist 732-932-9534 Faculty
Broccoli, Anthony
Ph.D., Rutgers
Climate modeling, Climate dynamics
848-932-5749 Faculty
Carlton, Annmarie
Ph.D., Rutgers
Assistant Professor
848-932-5778 Faculty
Curchitser, Enrique
Associate Professor
848-932-7889 Faculty
Decker, Steve
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assistant Professor
Synoptic meteorology
848-932-5750 Faculty
Fennell, Donna
Ph.D., Cornell University
Associate Professor
BioEnvironmental Engineering
848-932-5748 Faculty
Ghate, Virendra Research Associate 848-932-6744 Faculty
Gimenez, Daniel
Ph.D., Minnesota
Associate Professor
Soil Science/Soil Physics
848-932-5715 Faculty
Ha, Juyoung
Ph.D., Stanford University
Research Associate
Synchrotron based spectroscopy, Nanoparticles, Speciation of contaminants
848-932-5714 Faculty
Han, Taewon
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
Research Associate
Design of Sampling, Filtration, and Collection Devices for Aerosols & Bioaerosols
848-932-5779 Faculty
Huang, Weilin
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Physicochemical Processes
848-932-5735 Faculty
Valdis Krumins
Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
Research Associate
Bioaerosols, Bioenergy, Bioremediation
848-932-5779 Faculty
Krogmann, Uta
Ph.D., Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (Germany)
Associate Professor
Solid waste management and engineering
848-932-5729 Faculty
Kukor, Jerry
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Professor and Dean of the Graduate School - New Brunswick
Microbial Biochemistry/ Environmental Microbiology
732-932-2721 Faculty
Lintner, Ben
Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
Assistant Professor
Tropical Meteorology & Climate
848-932-5731 Faculty
Mainelis, Gediminas
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Associate Professor
Biological and non-biological aerosols
848-932-5712 Faculty
Miller, Mark
Ph. D., Pennsylvania State University
Associate Professor 848-932-5747 Faculty
Miskewitz, Robert Assistant Research Professor 848-932-5707 Faculty
Obropta, Christopher
Ph.D., P.E., Stevens Institute of Technology
Associate Professor
Associate Extension Specialist in Water Resources
848-932-5711 Faculty
Phelps, Craig
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Instructor 848-932-5713 Faculty
Porter, Abigail
Ph.D. Cornell University
Instructor 848-932-6382 Faculty
Ravit, Beth
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Instructor 848-932-5752
201-774-1614 Faculty
Reinfelder, John
Ph.D., SUNY (Stony Brook)
Biogeochemistry in aquatic systems
848-932-5737 Faculty
Reinfelder, Ying Fan
Ph.D., Utah State University
Associate Professor 848-932-5772 Faculty
Robock, Alan
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor II
Climate change
848-932-5751 Faculty
Rodenburg, Lisa
Ph.D., John Hopkins University
Associate Professor
Environmental Organic Chemistry
848-932-5774 Faculty
Stenchikov, Georgiy
Ph.D., Moscow Physical Technical Institute
Research Professor
Climate Change, Atmospheric Modeling
848-932-9800 Faculty
Strom, Peter
Ph.D., Rutgers
Biological Waste Treatment
848-932-5709 Faculty
Tate, Robert
Ph.D., Wisconsin
Soil Microbiology
848-932-5793 Faculty
Turpin, Barbara
Ph.D., Oregon Graduate Institute
Air pollution, chemistry and physics of atmospheric aerosols
848-932-5781 Faculty
Uchrin, Christopher
Ph.D., Michigan
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
848-932-5738 Faculty
Yee, Nathan
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Associate Professor
Microbial Geochemistry
848-932-5714 Faculty
Young, Lily
Ph.D., Harvard
Professor II
Anaerobic microbial metabolism of environmental contaminants, microbial ecology
or 932-8165 x312 Faculty
Arnesen, Melissa CEP Administrator 848-932-5728 Staff
Azer, Mina Systems Administrator 848-932-5706 Staff
Bergstrom, Jeremiah Senior Research Project Manager 848-932-5708 Staff
Boyajian, Amy Program Associate, Water Resources Program 848-932-6711 Staff
Burdick, Cheryl Administrative Assistant 848-932-6714 Staff
Evrard, Lisa Galloway Senior Program Coordinator, Water Resources Program 848-932-6726 Staff
Ferner, Michael Systems Administrator 848-932-5760 Staff
Griffin, Elaine Program Coordinator, Water Resources Program 848-932-5725 Staff
Lehman, Rita Accounting Specialist 848-932-5754 Staff
Nicewicz, Jeannie Secretary to the Chair 848-932-5762 Staff
O'Grady, Karen Bookkeeper 848-932-5753 Staff
Pearson, Ben Program Associate, Water Resources Program 848-932-6727 Staff
Press, Helene Graduate Secretary 848-932-5761 Staff
Sauers, Paul 848-932-5788 Staff
Rajaei, Martha Graduate Secretary 848-932-5761 Staff
Skouboe, Dawn Departmental Administrator 848-932-5733 Staff
Tompkins, Veronica Bookkeeper 848-932-5756 Staff
Yergeau, Steve Water Resources Program 848-932-6745 Staff
Zwerling, Eric Director, RNTAC 848-932-5782 Staff




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