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Taewon Han
Research Associate
Design of Sampling, Filtration, and Collection Devices for Aerosols & Bioaerosols

Education: Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
Phone: 848-932-9800

Research Interests

Dr. Han's research interests are in aerosol science and its applications. His specialties include design of the generic mixing plenum to satisfy single point reprehensive sampling criteria, design and testing of impaction-based and electrostatic-based collectors for aerosols or bioaerosols, particle filtration, particle processing (i.e., bioaerosol preparation, particle generation, charging), particle analysis techniques (e.g., optical-counting, microscopic-counting, fluorometric or adenosine triphosphate (ATP) methodologies), and numerical simulation for particle tracking using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools.


  1. WoongJin Co., LTD., South Korea, PI: Taewon Han, Co-PIs: G. Mainelis "Evaluation of the 3000 LPM Wetted Wall Cyclone Sampler" (submitted).
  2. The incubation factory and Rutgers University, PI: G. Mainelis, Co-PIs: Taewon Han "Continuing Development and Testing of the Electrostatic Battery for Emissions Control (ESBEC)" (submitted).


  • Mainelis G., Seshadri S. and Han T. Electrostatic Screen Battery for Emission Control (ESBEC). U.S. Patent application 12/876,570 (Applied in 2010). RU OTC docket 08-085.


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