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Environmental Sciences Seminar Abstract            

  Hackensack Waterworks at Oradell: An Interdisciplinary Approach on Adaptive Reuse
Wolfram Hoefer
Dept. Landscape Architecture, Rutgers University

The Hackensack Water Company operated continuously from 1882 until 1990 on a man-made island in the upper Hackensack River. In 1993 United Water of NJ donated the 18-acre island and its historic buildings to Bergen County for use as public open space. However, adaptive reuse and public access to the site has been stymied for 14 years as a result of conflicting environmental, ecologic, historic, and government agency visions for utilization of this space.

In our effort to develop a consensus plan that would allow public access to the site, Rutgers University landscape architects, hydrologic engineers, and environmental scientists undertook the challenge of producing a restoration design plan that the various constituents would support. The presentation will focus on the interdisciplinary character of the project and how the cooperation between engineers, scientists and designers can create innovative solutions for the environment.

Last updated: 10/15/2008