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Environmental Sciences Seminar Abstract            

  My job as an Industrial Environmentalist (and how I got here)
E. Erin Mack
Principal Scientist
DuPont Corporate Remediation Group

Environmental stewardship is a DuPont core value. In support of this value, DuPont's Corporate Remediation Group (CRG) is charged to manage the company's global environmental remediation responsibilities and protect people and the environment by developing science-based remediation approaches. The environmental issues at hand are diverse and complex and require integrated multi-disciplinary solutions. As a microbiologist interested in the interactions between different physiological groups of anaerobic bacteria and their environments the CRG has provided me with a unique career niche. My job is to apply my knowledge of microbial systems to ensure that DuPont manages environmental responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with our core values and supported by sound science. In some cases this requires managing laboratory research programs (both internal and external to DuPont), on other occasions this involves working on multi-disciplinary team made up of DuPonters, academics, regulators and stakeholders to develop sustainable and protective solutions. I am also involved in developing longer range programs in anticipation of our remediation needs and for facilitating the interactions and transfer of knowledge between research programs and project teams so that laboratory findings can be applied to the field. In this presentation I will describe my job, how I got here, and highlight some specific projects.

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