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Environmental Sciences Seminar Abstract            

  Soil Carbon Dynamic and Reactivity: Implication to Global Change and Molecular Aspects
Ladislau Martin Neto
Embrapa, Brazil

Questions associated with natural non-living organic matter (NOM) are of immense importance due to several functions of NOM in different terrestrial, aquatic and aerial environments. Nowadays, this importance has been greatly intensified by their association with the C cycle that has a direct relationship with climate changes in the Planet. However, to advance in this NOM research agenda it is fundamentally pivotal to include analytical tools that can provide precise insights on the dynamic and reactivity of NOM in different ecosystems, including interfaces and interconnections. In this presentation, field results on soil carbon sequestration will be reported, with estimation of potential of mitigation of greenhouse gases, and evaluation of carbon compounds stability through combined use of soil fractionation and analytical tools analysis, including laser induced fluorescence, electron paramagnetic resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Last updated: 02/26/2010