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Leonard Bielory
Visiting Professor
Center for Environmental Prediction, SEBS

Education: M.D.
Phone: 848-932-5728

Research Interests

Dr. Bielory, past director of the UMDNJ - Asthma and Allergy Research Center (Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Ophthalmology), and consistently selected as one of New Jersey and New York "Top Docs" in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area surveys for the past 20 years, has been involved in various clinical trials is presently focusing his interests on Climate and Allergic Airway Disease. The present EPA funded research is examining modeling the impact of allergies (pollen producing plants such as trees, weeds and grasses) over the next 50 years, studying the impact of different temperatures and CO2 concentrations on the growth of ragweed , grasses and other weeds as well as evaluating their allergenic pollen content via immunological and biological assays including electron microscopy.





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