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Daniel Gimenez
Associate Professor
Soil Science/Soil Physics

Education: Ph.D., Minnesota
Phone: 848-932-5715

Research Interests

Dr. Gimenez's research focuses on the development of quantitative parameters of soil structure using fractal techniques. He also studies the scaling of soil transport coefficients used in simulation models of the soil-plant atmosphere continuum. Development of statistical (pedotransfer) models of soil hydraulic properties is also part of his work. Dr. Gimenez's laboratory facilities include equipment to measure soil hydraulic properties (pressure plate apparatus, mist infiltrometer, thermocouple psychrometer), solute movement in soil columns (leaching column), gradient of chemical and physical properties in soil aggregates (soil aggregate eroder), soil water content with Time Domain Reflectometry, and thermal conductivity of soils. His research on developing pedotranfer functions and image analyses of soils in the United States is done in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Service--USDA (Hydrology Laboratory, Beltsville. MD, and Soil and Water Management Research, St. Paul, MN), the Natural Resources and Conservation Service—USDA at Lincoln, NE, and the Department of Land Resources Sciences at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.





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