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   Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences

Environmental Engineering option curriculum

Coordinator: Chris Uchrin

To satisfy the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program's core, all students must complete the following course core (12 credits):
16:375:510 Pollution Microbiology
16:375:517 Applications of Aquatic Chemistry
16:375:523 Environmental Fate and Transport
16:375:535 Environmental Law and Policy

All students must also take the following courses (6 credits):
16:180:565 Biogeochemical Engineering or 16:375:522 Environmental Organic Chemistry
16:375:527 Environmental Process Dynamics

Electives (6 credits for Plan A M.S., 12 credits for Plan B M.S., 18 credits for Ph.D.) are to be taken from the following list:
16:180:562 Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment
16:180:563 Advanced Hydrology
16:180:566 Sediment Transport
16:180:574 Groundwater Engineering I
16:180:576 Groundwater Engineering II
11:117:413 Unit Processes in Bioenvironmental Engineering I
11:117:414 Unit Processes in Bioenvironmental Engineering II
11:117:423 Unit Processes in Bioenvironmental Engineering Lab I
11:117:424 Unit Processes in Bioenvironmental Engineering Lab II
11:117:462 Design of Solid Waste Treatment Systems
11:117:468 Hazardous Waste Treatment Engineering
11:117:496 Design of Land Treatment Systems
16:375:504 Water and Wastewater Treatment
16:375:506 Industrial Treatment
16:375:524 Source Control of Atmospheric Pollution
16:375:525 Principles of Solid Waste Management
16:375:531 Biological Waste Treatment
16:375:534 Environmental Sustainability
16:375:541 Environmental Models