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  Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences

Air Pollution Science and Technology

Students in this option develop an understanding of the sources, behavior, atmospheric transport, transformation, exposure and effects of air pollutants. They learn to apply this understanding to source control and to the development of effective air quality management plans.

Coordinator: Barbara Turpin

Core Required Courses (12 Credits)
All students must complete the Environmental Sciences Core.

Option Requirements. All M.S. students must complete 12 credits and Ph.D. students 15 credits from the following list.* Other courses may be substituted with advisor and option coordinator approval.

16:375:503 Analytical Techniques in Environmental Chemistry (3; F; odd yrs)
16:375:522 Environmental Organic Chemistry (3; S; even yrs)
16:375:523 Environmental Fate and Transport (3; S; every yr)
16:375:524 Source Control of Atmospheric Pollution (3; F; every yr)
16:375:536 Air Sampling and Analysis Techniques (3; S; every yr)
16:375:540 Atmospheric Chemistry (3)
16:375:542 Aerosol Science (3)
16:107:501,502 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Sciences (3; FS; every year)
ENOH 0695 Environmental Exposure Measurement (3; F; odd yrs; UMD-SPH)

Other Recommended Courses
16:107:532 Atmospheric Physics (3)
16:375:527 Process Dynamics in Environmental Systems (3)
16:375:541 Environmental Models (3)
16:960:467 Applied Multivariant Analyses (3)
16:960:590 Design of Experiments
01:750:326 Computer-Based Experimentation
01:750:326 Modern Instrumentation
11:375:310 Analytical Environmental Chemistry Lab (2)
11:375:421 Principles of Air Pollution (3)
ENOH 0644 Indoor Air Quality (3; F; even yrs; UMDNJ - SPH)

*Elective courses are in addition to those taken to fulfill the Environmental Sciences Core.