Seminar Abstract

DATE:  FRIDAY, October 6, 2017
TIME:  2:30 P.M. - Room 223 (Refreshments served at 2:15 pm)
PLACE: Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Bldg.
14 College Farm Road, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Daniel Van Abs
Dept. of Human Ecology
Rutgers University

How Much Water People Use: Estimating Residential Per Capita Demands in New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection contracted with Rutgers to develop water demand projections through the year 2040 for all public community water supply systems. One project component is an assessment of current residential water demands as a basis for projecting future demands. The project used NJDEP land use data, Census data and residential customer water demand from over 30 systems, representing more than 3.5 million residents, to assess how per capita demands differed among regions of the state, high to low development densities and summer versus non-summer months. Draft final results will be discussed.