Seminar Abstract

DATE:  Centennial Symposium
Environmental Research: The Next 100 Years
Friday, October 23, 2020 TIME: 2:30 pm PLACE: ,

Christine Chiu
Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University

Exploring cloud-aerosol-precipitation interactions through a journey of photons
Topic: radiative properties of clouds and aerosols

Boundary layer clouds are fundamental to the Earth.s radiation budget due to their vast cloud cover and high albedo. Their interactions with aerosols and precipitation are complex and intertwined. This makes it difficult to determine how cloud radiative properties will respond to a warmer climate and feedback on surface temperature responses. In this talk, I will demonstrate how our understanding of cloud-aerosol-precipitation processes, such as warm rain formation and aerosol indirect effect, has advanced using radiation measurements. Crucial in these studies has been the synergistic use of radiation observations from passive and active sensors across shortwave and microwave spectral regions. I will elaborate how a novel ensemble technique allow us to explore the radiation fingerprint of the processes involved.

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