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Seminar Abstract

DATE:  Friday, September 25, 2020
TIME:  2:30 pm (refreshments at 2:15 pm)

Julie Klinger
Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences, University of Delaware

Satellites, Subsoils, and Shamanism: Indigenous Survival Strategies in the Northern Amazon

The Anthropocene assumes novel temporalities in the Amazon, an immense landscape which increasing evidence shows was bio-designed by Indigenous inhabitants over millennia. Contemporary indigenous survival strategies in the region encompass a variety of practices directed at kin groups, the national state, transnational advocacy networks, and regional markets. Each of these practices transform human-environment relations in local communities, with measurable impacts on local land use and broader implications for cultural and climate resilience. Exploring diverse territorial, technological, and temporal practices, this talk presents findings from my current book project and collaboration with Yanomami Indigenous communities on the Brazil-Venezuela border.