Seminar Abstract

DATE:  Centennial Symposium
Environmental Research: The Next 100 Years
Friday, November 13, 2020 TIME: 2:30 pm PLACE: ,

Mark Jury
University of Puerto Rico

Two examples of multi-disciplinary environmental research using global datasets in application to the Caribbean and Africa
Topic: tropical meteorology and coastal processes

Key points from two multi-disciplinary environmental research projects are reported: 1. slowing of ocean currents through the Caribbean and 2. changes in Nile River flow. Both projects cover spatial patterns of climate change evident in past observations and future model projections. In the first project, ocean data assimilation products reveal two places where poleward currents are slowing by retroflection - in the equatorial Atlantic due to northward shift of the Hadley Cell, and in the Gulf Stream near Labrador due to changes in salinity. In the second project, hydrology data assimilation products exhibit rising trends in rainfall, vegetation cover and run-off from the Ethiopian highlands. Model simulations in a 'greenhouse future' suggest that diurnal transpiration creates a climate-feedback that underpins water resources. Conclusions offer insights on strategic ways to support ongoing research.

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