Seminar Abstract

DATE:  FRIDAY, January 26, 2018
TIME:  1:30 P.M. - Room 101 (Refreshments served at 1:15 pm)
PLACE: The Institute of Food Nutrition and Health,
       61 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Syukuro Manabe
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Princeton University

Interhemispheric Asymmetry in Global Warming

As the concentration of greenhouse gas increases in the atmosphere, temperature increases at the earth surface. In the Northern Hemisphere, the magnitude of the warming increases with increasing latitude and is at a maximum in the Arctic Ocean. In the Southern Hemisphere, the warming is absent in the Antarctic Ocean. This is what happened in the numerical experiment conducted at GFDL almost 30 years ago.

The geographical pattern of global warming described above appears to be broadly consistent with the pattern of surface temperature change that have been observed during the last several decades. Here, I would like to discuss the role of ocean in delaying global warming particularly in the circumpolar ocean of the Southern Hemisphere.