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Tropical Climate Dynamics

Atop the stratovolcano Volcán Poás [2708 m]
Parque Nacional
Volcán Poás, Alajuela, Costa Rica
March 2012

Benjamin R. Lintner

Assistant Professor

250 Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Building
14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8551

(848) 932-5731

lintner[ @ ]envsci[ . ]rutgers[ . ]edu

Current Research Overview:

Predictive understanding of the space and time variability of tropical precipitation is critical to our ability to simulate climate with models, to interpret observations of past and modern climate conditions, and to anticipate future climate change impacts. With the broad goal of contributing understanding of the multi-scale, spatiotemporal characteristics of tropical precipitation, my current research foci include: (i) the controls on the mean climate and variability of marginally-convecting tropical regions; (ii) the statistics of tropical tropospheric water vapor and trace constituents and their relationships to deep convection and the vertical and horizontal properties of the flow; and (iii) the pathways of land surface-atmosphere coupling in models and observations.  In pursuing these interests, I make use of a diverse array of observational and reanalysis data sets, a suite of diagnostic approaches, and a vertical hierarchy of models ranging from process-based analytic prototypes to full-blown general circulation models.

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