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FALL 2015

MW 2:15 - 3:35 (Cook/Douglass 4th period)

Cook/Douglass Lecture Hall 103

Pre-requisite: General Chemistry 01:160:160 or 01:160:162

Text: Environmental Chemistry, 5th Edition (Baird & Cann, 2012), available at the Rutgers Bookstore
Professor: John Reinfelder ENRS Building, Rm 260

Office hours: By appointment.
Phone: (848) 932-5737;

Basis of Grade: Group exercises: 25%; Homework: 25%; Exams: 50%
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Lecture Notes

HW1 - due Sept 23
HW2 - due Oct 12
HW3 - due Nov 11
HW4 - due Dec 2
HW5 - due Dec 7

Heats of formation of gases
Temp Press Table
Prefixes used in scientific notation

Vertical profiles of elements in the ocean

Earth and Environmental Sciences Seminars at Rutgers


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Environmental Chemistry Links

Air Pollution Trends

Aura atmospheric chemistry project
Antarctic ozone hole

Aura ozone animations

Global annual CO2 visualization

Ground-level ozone maps

Mercury deposition (atmospheric) network

NJ Chemical standards for water and soil

Drinking water standards

Radioactivity in drinking water

Rutgers Climate Institute


General environmental links

Hudson-Delaware Chapter Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

            MacKay's sustainable energy book "Without Hot Air"            

NJ Department of Environmental Protection

New Jersey Water Science Center (USGS)

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

New Jersey Water Environment Association

            New Jersey Section American Water Works Association

Sustainable Raritan River


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