RV Oceanus, New York Bight
John Reinfelder
Department of Environmental Sciences

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

14 College Farm Road New Brunswick NJ
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Raritan River estuary
Raritan River estuary

Research Interests:
Current Projects:

Mass-dependent and mass-independent fractionation of mercury isotopes in natural waters with Tamar Barkay (Rutgers) and Joel Blum (Michigan)

Regulation of diatom physiology by CO2 with Kay Bidle (Rutgers), Adam Kustka (Rutgers), and Allen Milligan (Oregon State)

Mercury cycling and bioaccumulation in the West Antarctic Peninsula's coastal marine ecosystem with Debbie Steinberg (Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences), Oscar Schofield (Rutgers), and Bill Fraser (Polar Oceans Research Group)

Microbial oxidation of Hg(0) and its effect on Hg stable isotope fractionation and methylmercury production with Nathan Yee (Rutgers), Tamar Barkay (Rutgers) and Tom Johnson (Illinois)

Trace metal cycling in the Hudson River plume with Derek Wright (Lake Superior State) and Tom Frazer (Florida)

Microbial Controls on the Mobilization and Speciation of Arsenic from Newark Basin Shale with Lily Young (Rutgers)

Past Projects:

Mercury volatilization from wetlands

Photosynthetic C4 Carbon Fixation in Marine Diatoms

Mercury in Berry's Creek, New Jersey Meadowlands

New Jersey Atmospheric Deposition Network-NJDEP, US EPA, Hudson River Foundation

Mercury Cycling in the Delaware River Estuary

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