375:522 Environmental Organic Chemistry
Instructor:      Lisa A. Rodenburg (formerly Totten)    Rm 348; 932-9800 x 6218; rodenburg@envsci.rutgers.edu

Spring Semester 2010; Time  Tuesday/Thursday 10:55-12:15 PM, 323 ENRS Building

Grading:  Participation; Problem sets; Class project; Midterm; Final Exam

Text:  Environmental Organic Chemistry, 2nd Ed.  R. Schwarzenbach, P. Gschwend, and D. Imboden, Wiley-Interscience, 2002.
NOTE:  due to my bad planning, this book is not available through the campus book store.  I suggest you order ASAP ifyou plan to take the class. 

Description:  Processes governing the transport and transformation of anthropogenic organic chemicals in the environment.  Topics include chemical-physical properties of organic chemicals, air-water and air-land exchange, atmospheric processes and deposition, sorption processes, bioaccumulation, chemical transformations, photochemical transformations, modeling concepts, case studies.

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 Vapor Pressure
Henry's Law
Octanol-Water Partitioning

Organic Acids and Bases

Hand out midterm
Sorption (Chapter 9)

Hand in midterm

Go Over Midterm

Spring Break
Fugacity models
Transformation Reactions
Redox reactions

Transport and A/W ex
Gas/Particle Partitioning
Atmospheric Deposition

Class presentations

Final Exam