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Dr. Rodenburg has mentored many high school students in the area.  If you are interested in doing a science fair project, contact Dr. Rodenburg  

Micheal Kreisel (Woodbridge High School) measured the anti-bacterial agent triclosan in drinking water from Woodbridge, NJ.  He won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, the Regional Water Prize from the NJ Water Environment Association, and placed first in an award program run by the American Chemical Society.  Lisa then recruited Mike as an intern in her lab, where he worked for two summers and assisted in a major field campaign in the Tappan Zee in August of 2007.  Mike is majoring in math at Amherst College and obtained a summer internship in math at another university for the summer of 2008. 
Mike with graduate student Andy Sandy (on the ladder) in the Tappan Zee (see the bridge in the background to the left?) in August of 2007

William Zupko (Woodbridge High School) worked with Dr. Rodenburg and Paul Field (IMCS) to measure trace metals in sediment samples from Woodbridge Creek in order to track contamination from a nearby superfund site.  Bill also won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for his research, and then Lisa recruited him for a year-round internship with Dr. Donna Fennell, another professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences (DES).  Bill is taking advantage of the NJ STARS program, a state program that provides tuition at a NJ community college for two years of college and then, if the student performs satisfactorily, provides tuition at Rutgers for the junior and senior years.  Bill is therefore serving his internship in DES while attending Middlesex County College.  

Bryan Schwab (Woodbridge High School) measured brominated flame retardants in indoor and outdoor air at Woodbridge High School.  He is currently an undergraduate at Rutgers, also doing an internship with Dr. Fennell.

Amtul Monsoor (JFK HS) measured methane emitted from cockroaches (!).  She also won several prizes.

We have three high school science fair projects underway!  Check back for updates.

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