Tentative Syllabus, Spring 2009

Hazardous Wastes, 11-375:430, no. 48245

Hazardous Waste Management, 16-375:530, no. 48251


Time:       Monday and Thursday, 2nd period, 10:55 am to 12:15 pm

Place:       Room 223, ENRSB, Cook/Douglass


Instructor:  Dr. Peter F. Strom, 732-932-9800 x 6216

              Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences Bldg., Room 228


              Usual Office Hours:  1:00 - 2:00 pm; Tuesday and Thursday;

                     and by appointment (or drop by any time - at own risk)


Course Website: http://www.envsci.rutgers.edu/~strom/hazwaste/

Grade Reporting: Some grades will be reported using SAS Gradebook, https://secure.fas.rutgers.edu/apps/gradebook/


Books: 40CFR Parts 260-265, July 1, 2004 free highlighted version on course website (see below)

Photocopy Package - purchase from http://www.upublishing.com/, approx. $25


Class Requirements:

Two hourly exams (80 points total)

Final exam (80 points)

Weekly readings

Three (approx.) written assignments

Term paper (40 points) - details in photocopy pack (optional for 375:430)

Class attendance and participation is expected


Students with a disability: please see me immediately so that we may make any necessary arrangements to support a successful learning experience.

Foreign students experiencing language problems may wish to record lectures. Sharing class notes is also encouraged; please see me if you need help in making such arrangements.



Tentative Class Schedule

(subject to change)


Week Topics

1 Introduction, Scope of Problem; Case Studies

2-3 Physical, Chemical, and Biological Principles; References; Hazard, Safety, and Acceptable Risk; Assignment #1

3 RCRA: Legislation and Overview of Regulations

4 RCRA Regulations: Definitions, Criteria, Characteristics, and Lists (CFR 260-261)

5-6 RCRA Regulations: Generators, Transporters, Manifests (CFR 262-263); Storage, Treatment, and Disposal Facilities (CFR 264-268); HSWA; Assignment #2

6 Hourly #1


8 Other Federal Legislation; NJ State Legislation and Regulations

9 Sampling; Analysis; Toxicity Testing

10 Hourly #2

10 Treatment: Introduction; Thermal

11-12 Treatment: Physical-Chemical

13 Treatment: Biological

13 Disposal; Assignment #3

14 Site Clean-up; Nuclear Wastes


Other Materials:

2004 versions:

highlighted 40CFR260

highlighted 40CFR261

highlighted 40CFR262

highlighted 40CFR263

highlighted 40CFR264

highlighted 40CFR265


2005 RCRA Data Reports

National Analysis

State Analysis

List of Reported Sites


Solid Waste Textbook Reading

Front Material



Emission Control