Director of GPAS

Benjamin R. Lintner, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences
Email: lintner[at]envsci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-5731

Members of the Graduate Faculty

Anthony J. Broccoli, Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., Rutgers-New Brunswick
Email: broccoli[at]envsci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-5739
Climate dynamics; paleoclimate; climate model feedbacks and sensitivity

Enrique Curchitser, Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., Rutgers-New Brunswick
Email: enrique[at]marine[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-7889
Oceanic general circulation; coupled biophysical and numerical modeling; sea ice-ocean interactions; dynamics of eastern boundary currents

Steven J. Decker, Associate Teaching Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., Wisconsin-Madison
Email: decker[at]envsci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-5750
Numerical weather prediction and forecasting; data assimilation; bridging atmospheric dynamics and synoptic meteorological practice

Jennifer Francis, Research Professor, Marine and Coastal Studies; Ph.D., Washington
Email: francis[at]marine[dot]rutgers[dot]edu
Satellite remote sensing of polar regions; Arctic climate change; energetics of the coupled ocean-atmosphere-sea ice system

Dale B. Haidvogel, Distinguished Professor, Marine and Coastal Studies; Ph.D., MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Email: dale[at]marine[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-3367
Application of multi-scale ocean circulation models to simulate ocean currents and regional climate impacts; data assimilation for regional forecasts

Dujuan Kang, Assistant Research Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., Stanford
Email: dujuan[@]esm[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-980
Physical oceanography and ocean modeling; climate variability and prediction; numerical method and model development

Robert E. Kopp, Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Email: robert[dot]kopp[at]rutgers[dot]edu   
Statistcal and process models integrating diverse geological data sets; using past sea level change to improve estimates of ice sheet stability and future sea level change; quantifying human impacts on global climate; climate change and risk management

Benjamin R. Lintner, Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., California-Berkeley
Email: lintner[at]envsci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-5731
Tropical climate dynamics; interactions between large-scale dynamics and convection; land-atmosphere interactions

Monica A. Mazurek, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering; Ph.D., California-Los Angeles
Email: mmazurek[at]rci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 732-445-0579 x 128
Air quality engineering; fates of carbonaceous aerosol particles; analytical methods for organic compounds in environmental and chemical engineering processes; and organic geochemistry of Earth materials

James R. Miller, Professor, Marine and Coastal Studies; Ph.D., Maryland
Email: miller[at]marine[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-3349
Climate modeling and climate change; polar region hydrologic cycle; impacts of climate change on river flow and water resources

Mark Miller, Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State
Email: m[dot]miller[at]envsci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-5747
Cloud physics, atmospheric radiation; remote sensing; observing systems

Ying Fan Reinfelder, Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences; Ph.D., Utah State
Email: yingfan[at]rci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-5772
Hydrology; role of groundwater in the terrestrial hydrologic cycle; past and future change in the hydrologic cyle; impact of climate change on freshwater resources

Asa Rennermalm, Associate Professor, Geography; Ph.D., Princeton
Email: arennerm[at]rci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-445-4731
Arctic hydroclimatology; high latitude surface hydrology; dynamics of ice sheets

David Robinson, Professor, Geography; Ph.D., Columbia
Email: drobins[at]rci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-445-4741
Climate and climate change; hemispheric snow cover kinematics and dynamics; collection and archiving of climate data

Alan Robock, Distinguished Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., MIT
Email: robock[at]envsci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu    Phone: 848-932-5751
Climate change detection, attribution, and impacts; geoengineering; role of volcanic eruptions in climate; regional atmospheric and hydrologic modeling

Georgiy Stenchikov, Research Professor, Environmental Sciences; Ph.D., Moscow Physical Technical Institute 
[on leave at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology]
Email: gera[at]envsci[dot]rutgers[dot]edu
Multiscale modeling of the climate system; distribution and optical properties of volcanic aerosols; stratosphere-troposphere interaction; chemistry-climate interactions and pollutant transport