Course Number Title / Syllabi
16:375:501Environmental Science Analysis (3)-Uchrin (with 303 Numerical Methods) (Word file)
16:375:503Analytical Techniques in Environmental Chemistry (3)-Weisel
16:375:504Water and Wastewater Treatment (3)-Fennell
16:375:508Interpretational Epidemiology (3)-Shalat (Word file)
16:375:509Groundwater Pollution (3)-Uchrin (Word file)
16:375:510Environmental Microbiology (3)-Young/Porter (PDF)
16:375:512Pollution Microbiology Lab (2)-Phelps (Word file)
16:375:517Applications of Aquatic Chemistry (3)-Reinfelder (pdf file)
16:375:519Wetland Ecology (3)-Meixler (Word file)
16:375:522Environmental Organic Chemistry (3)-Rodenburg
16:375:523Environmental Fate and Transport (3)-Uchrin (Word file)
16:375:524Source Control of Atmospheric Pollution (3)-Miskewitz
16:375:527Process Dynamics in Environmental Systems (3)-Huang (PDF)
16:375:529Biodegradation and Bioremediation (3)-Fennell
16:375:530Hazardous Waste Management (3)-Strom (Word file)
16:375:534Environmental Sustainability (3) Krogmann (PDF)
16:375:535Environmental Law and Policy(3)-Joint with 34:970:523:66637 (Bloustein)-Andy Davis
16:375:536Air Sampling and Analysis Techniques (3)-Mainelis (PDF)
16:375:540Atmospheric Chemistry (3)-Carlton (Word file)
16:375:541Environmental Models (3)-Uchrin (Word file)
16:375:542Aerosol Sciences (3) Turpin
16:375:555Soil Physics (3)-Gimenez
16:375:563Geomicrobiology (3)-Yee
16:375:573Soil Ecology (3)-Schaefer (PDF)