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Voicemail Access

  • Voicemail Guide
  • Access Voicemail when away from office phone:
    1. Call your number, wait for the system to answer then press *
    2. Or, you can call the University portal at 848-932-1400 (your mailbox ID is your 5-digit phone number)

Useful phone tips

  • 5-digit Campus dialing: Campus numbers on the new system can be dialed using the last 5 digits. For example, the Rutgers number, 848-932-5760, can be dialed from a Rutgers phone system by dialing 25760
  • Off campus dialing starts with 81: To dial an off campus phone (or a Rutgers phone not in the new system)
    dial 8 1 and the 10-digit phone number. For example 8-1-732-932-8065
  • Phone features like call transfer and conference calls can be found Here

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