Photo: A.J. Both.

A.J. Both
Ph.D., Cornell University
Extension Specialist
Phone: 848-932-5730
Email: both@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for A.J. Both
Horticultural Engineering, Energy, Hydroponics

Photo: Anthony Broccoli.

Anthony Broccoli
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-932-5749
Email: broccoli@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Anthony Broccoli
Climate modeling, Climate dynamics

Photo: Enrique Curchitser.

Enrique Curchitser
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Phone: 848-932-7889
Email: enrique@esm.rutgers.edu
CV for Enrique Curchitser
Earth System Modeling

Photo: Katherine Dawson.

Katherine Dawson
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-932-5706
Email: kat.dawson@rutgers.edu
CV for Katherine Dawson

Photo: Steve Decker.

Steve Decker
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 848-932-5750
Email: decker@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Steve Decker
Synoptic Meteorology

Photo: Donna Fennell.

Donna Fennell
Ph.D., Cornell University
Phone: 848-932-5748
Email: fennell@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Donna Fennell
Bioremediation, Bioaerosols, Bioenergy

Photo: Daniel Gimenez.

Daniel Gimenez
Ph.D., Minnesota
Phone: 848-932-5715
Email: gimenez@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Daniel Gimenez
Soil Science/Soil Physics

Photo: Taewon Han.

Taewon Han
Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 848-932-5717
Email: han@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Taewon Han
Aerosol Mechanics

Photo: Weilin Huang.

Weilin Huang
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Phone: 848-932-5735
Email: whuang@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Weilin Huang
Physicochemical Processes, Water Treatment, Soil Remediation

Photo: Dujuan Kang.

Dujuan Kang
Ph.D., Stanford University
Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 848-932-9800
Email: dujuan@esm.rutgers.edu
CV for Dujuan Kang
Physical Oceanography & Ocean Modeling, Climate Variability & Prediction

Photo: Uta Krogmann.

Uta Krogmann
Ph.D., Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (Germany)
Extension Specialist
Phone: 848-932-5729
Email: krogmann@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Uta Krogmann
Solid Waste Management and Engineering, Green Buildings, Life-Cycle Assessment

Photo: Jerry Kukor.

Jerry Kukor
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Phone: 848-932-7275
Email: jkukor@grad.rutgers.edu
CV for Jerry Kukor
Microbial Biochemistry / Environmental Microbiology

Photo: Ben Lintner.

Ben Lintner
Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
Phone: 848-932-5731
Email: lintner@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Ben Lintner
Tropical Meteorology & Climate

Photo: Gediminas Mainelis.

Gediminas Mainelis
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Phone: 848-932-5712
Email: mainelis@envsci.rutgers.ed
CV for Gediminas Mainelis
Biological and non-biological aerosols

Photo: Mark Miller.

Mark Miller
Ph. D., Pennsylvania State University
Phone: 848-932-5747
Email: m.miller@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Mark Miller
Cloud Physics, Radiation Transfer, and Remote Sensing

Photo: Robert Miskewitz.

Robert Miskewitz
Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology
Associate Research Professor
Phone: 848-932-5707
Email: rmiskewitz@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Robert Miskewitz
Contaminated Sediment Management, Surface Water Quality, Sediment Quality

Photo: Christopher Obropta.

Christopher Obropta
Ph.D., P.E., Stevens Institute of Technology
Extension Specialist
Phone: 848-932-5711
Email: obropta@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Christopher Obropta
Stormwater Management, Green Infrastructure

Photo: Craig Phelps.

Craig Phelps
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 848-932-5713
Email: phelps@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Craig Phelps

Photo: Abigail Porter.

Abigail Porter
Ph.D., Cornell UNiversity
Teaching Instructor
Phone: 848-932-6382
Email: awporter@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Abigail Porter

Photo: John Reinfelder.

John Reinfelder
Ph.D., SUNY (Stony Brook)
Phone: 848-932-5737
Email: reinfelder@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for John Reinfelder
Biogeochemistry in aquatic systems

Photo: Ying Fan Reinfelder.

Ying Fan Reinfelder
Ph.D., Utah State University
Phone: 848-932-5772
Email: yingfan@eps.rutgers.edu
CV for Ying Fan Reinfelder

Photo: David Robinson.

David Robinson
Ph.D., Columbia
Phone: 848-932-9800
Email: david.robinson@rutgers.edu
CV for David Robinson

Photo: Alan Robock.

Alan Robock
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-932-5751
Email: robock@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Alan Robock
Volcanic Eruptions and Climate, Geoengineering, Nuclear Winter

Photo: Lisa Rodenburg.

Lisa Rodenburg
Ph.D., John Hopkins University
Phone: 848-932-5774
Email: rodenburg@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Lisa Rodenburg

Photo: Jeffra Schaefer.

Jeffra Schaefer
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Assistant Research Professor
Phone: 848-932-5779
Email: jschaefer@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Jeffra Schaefer

Photo: James Shope.

James Shope
Ph.D., University of California Santa Cruz
Research Associate
Phone: 848-932-9800
Email: james.shope@rutgers.edu
CV for James Shope
Coastal processes, Climate Change Adaptation

Photo: Peter Strom.

Peter Strom
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Professor Emeritus
Phone: 848-932-5709
Email: strom@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Peter Strom
Biological Waste Treatment

Photo: Christopher Uchrin.

Christopher Uchrin
Ph.D., Michigan
Phone: 848-932-5738
Email: cuchrin@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Christopher Uchrin
Mathematical Modeling of Contaminants in Aquatic Ecosystems

Photo: Mary Whelan.

Mary Whelan
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-932-9800
Email: mary.whelan@rutgers.edu
CV for Mary Whelan
biochemical cycling, biosphere-atmosphere interactions, atmospheric chemistry, novel approaches for estimating carbon uptake

Photo: Lili Xia.

Lili Xia
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Research Associate
Phone: 848-932-9800
Email: lili.xia@rutgers.edu
CV for Lili Xia
Climate Modeling, Climate Change, Aerosols, Environment, Atmospheric Pollution, Air Quality

Photo: Nathan Yee.

Nathan Yee
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Phone: 848-932-5714
Email: nyee@envsci.rutgers.edu
CV for Nathan Yee
Microbial Geochemistry

Photo: Lily Young.

Lily Young
Ph.D., Harvard
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-932-5710
Email: young@oq.rutgers.edu
CV for Lily Young
Anaerobic microbial metabolism of environmental contaminants, microbial ecology