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DES Administrative Services

Timesheet Submission Process for Hourly Workers

We are implementing an Excel Timesheet Template and timesheet procedure in the DES/CEP. This change is being made to decrease the volume of emails we receive regarding timesheets, so that the process can be improved and streamlined.

The Excel Timesheet Template is availble here from Rutgers networks only or with VPN client and has instructions included. Going forward, we ask that supervisors only, send the completed and signed timesheet(s) to the email address (

Timesheets should be submitted no later than Noon, every other Thursday according to this schedule. This submission time is set to ensure DES-CEP staff can enter and approve the hours before the University deadline. Any submissions received after that may not be processed in time to be within the current pay-cycle.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Workers will fill in their time on the Excel Timesheet and send to supervisors. Please name the timesheet “employee last name_end pay period date”.
  2. Supervisors will add a signature/authorization on the timesheet, which can be drawn or inserted as an image on the new Excel template. [Please do not approve timesheets by email.]
  3. Supervisors will enter the account info (Project Number or Name) on the timesheet to ensure all pay is charged to the designated account.
  4. Supervisors will send an email to the email address ( with the individual completed Excel Timesheet for each supervisee attached. Please use a separate Excel file for each worker.

Finally, please submit all timesheets in the period in which the work has occurred. Not only is there a limit to how far the Rutgers Human Resources system can go back in time, but processing timesheets that date back weeks/months has created serious complications with Year-End closeout proceedings and account reconciliations. Note that workers can include the hours they anticipate working up to the Friday after the Thursday timesheets are due, as long as the supervisor approves. If those anticipated hours are not worked, hours on the next timesheet can be reduced to account for their absence.

Please let us know any concerns or problems you experience as we move to shift to this process. For specific questions contact:

Human Resources Inquiries 
Vicki White,, Department Administrator 

Financial Inquiries 
Damien Carroll-Debose,, Business Mgr. III  
Rita Lehman,, Business Specialist 

Thank you,