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Course Syllabi

Undergraduate courses in Environmental Science (click links for syllabi)
(grad courses are here)

Course number/
Title/Syllabus Instructor Semester USUALLY taught
375:101 Introduction to Environmental Science Phelps Fall & Spring
375:101 Introduction to Environmental Science (online) Phelps Fall & Spring
375:103 Introduction to Environmental Health TBD TBD
375:197 Environmental Science Literacy Dawson Spring
375:201 Biological Principles of Environmental Science Dawson Fall
375:202 Chemical Principles of Environmental Science Reinfelder Fall
375:203 Physical Principles of Environmental Science Miskewitz Spring
375:302 Water and Wastewater Treatment Fennell Fall
375:303 Numerical Methods in Environmental Science Uchrin Fall
375:307 Solid Waste Management and Treatment Hull Spring
375:310 Analytical Environmental Chemistry Lab Schaefer Spring
375:312 Environmental Microbiology Lab Porter Fall
375:322 Energy, Technology, and Environment Both Fall
375:340 Environmental Applications of Organic Chemistry Rodenburg Spring
375:346 Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry Whelan Fall
375:360 Soils and Water Gimenez Fall
375:380 Tropical Environments and Society Lintner Spring
375:406 Public Health Practice and Administration TBD TBD
375:407 Environmental Toxicology Bugel Spring
375:411 Environmental Microbiology Young/Porter Spring
375:421 Principles of Air Pollution Mainelis Fall
375:423 Environmental Fate and Transport Miskewitz Spring
375:424 Air Sampling Techniques Mainelis Spring
375:430 Hazardous Wastes Talimcioglu Spring
375:434 Principles of Industrial Hygiene Schwartz Fall
375:444 Water Chemistry Reinfelder/Yee Fall
375:450 The Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Whelan Spring
375:453 Soil Ecology Schaefer Fall
375:474 (also listed as 628:474 Coastal Biogeochemical Cycles in a Changing World Dawson/Sikes Spring